Eric Skytterholm Egan | 12 Miniatures for Guitar

(2007/9) | Full Score

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The world of solo and chamber music is invariably one of sparse musical textures. In my opinion, such pieces should be composed with the same textural attention as they are heard. Accordingly, my 12 Miniatures for guitar (like all of my chamber music) were written specifically with the idiosyncratic nature of the instrument in mind.

My main aim for the piece was to explore the contrasting musical worlds which the guitar can produce. Accordingly, the movements span from fragile and brittle soundscapes, to unpolished, even grating musical statements; a few even combine the two. As in my previous pieces, I intended to contrast these disparate musical characters with one another.

My 12 Miniatures were individually composed and the movements were intended to present short iterations of a single musical idea. The intention was to draw each musical character to a close before the material had been run to exhaustion. However, it is important to note that the musical development would be saved from suffocation so to speak, rather than being precipitately strangled.


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