Eric Skytterholm Egan | Bone

(2010) | Full Score

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Bone is based on the following quotation from Antonin Artaud's Pour en Finir avec le Jugement de dieu:

To exist one need only let oneself be... not be afraid to show the bone, and to lose the meat in the process.

With Bone, I wanted to create a piece that explored formal structure and the way this shapes the musical experience of the listener. To this end, I originally wrote an approximately five and a half minute long piece, based on a very small amount of material. This material is first uttered in brief iterations, gradually developing into, and revealing, its complete structure only at the very end. The basic incarnation of material consists of notes belonging to the C-major scale only.

For performance, the original piece is played at least twice in direct succession, by one musician, on different harps. At least one of these harps must be in tune, while the other(s) are to be de-tuned to any unspecified combination of pitches/noise. The performer must strive to make each repeat as close as possible, in timing, to the first. My goal was that the form of the piece would work equally well in each incarnation of the musical material. However, for every time it is played, the listener is more aware of the musical form. This changes his or her experience of it completely - from listening to the structure itself, they begin listening to how the piece is put together; where it follows their expectations and where it goes against them. The idea being that the inner workings of the music is revealed.


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