Eric Skytterholm Egan | a thing Glimpsed - and - Hidden Name

a thing Glimpsed can be perfomerd on its own or simultaniously with Hidden Name

(2013) | Full Score

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Trondheim Sinfonietta (Torodd Wigum - conductor)

Written for Trondheim Sinfonietta with the support of Ingerid, Synnove og Elias Fegerstens Stiftelse.

As I approached, the house seemed to change its appearance. At first, it did nothing to reconcile itself with the shape of an ordinary house but it became uncertain in outline like a thing glimpsed under ruffled water. Then it became clear again and I saw that it began to have some back to it, some small space for rooms behind the frontage. I gathered this from the fact that I seemed to see the front and the back simultaneously from my position approaching what should have been the side. As there was no side that I could see I though that the house must be triangular with its apex pointing towards me but when I was only fifteen yards away I saw a small window facing me and I knew from that that there must be some side to it. Then I found myself almost in the shadow of the structure...

Flann O'Brien - The Third Policeman

He has hidden his own name, as a painter of old Italy set his face in a dark corner of his canvas.

James Joyce - Ulysses

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