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in White (2014-15)

Dario Calderone

in One 1 (2015)

Diego Castro Magas

a Stain on Silence (2015)

Sara Zeleznik and Anna Leonardi

Falling (2014)

Hugo Queiros

Through the Barbacans (2014)

Sara Aimee Smiseth (Cato Langnes - recording engineer)

out the Dirty Window (2014)

E7B SoundLab

Through the Embers (2013)

Ives Ensemble

a thing Glimpsed - and - Hidden Name (2013)

Trondheim Sinfonietta (Torodd Wigum - conductor)

Privacy of Mind (2013)

The Roentgen Connection (Cato Langnes - recording engineer)


Curious Chamber Players

in three, one, and seven (2012)

Darmstadt Percussion Trio the pause and not... (2011)

Richard Casey

Shaken Out (2010)

El Perro Andaluz

Non-Stable Equilibrium (2009)

ensemble Adapter

Early Pieces

- for the curious -

String Quartet No. 2 (2008)

from The Eumenides (2006/09) | I, VII

Riddle Me (2006)

Symphony No. 104 (2006) | I, V, XI

Caution/Slipper When Wet (2005)

Postlude/Solui Arthur (2005)

Tubulent Priest (2005)

Holisticism and Orangejuice (2004)

Bomberommet (2003)

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